Episode 10: Jason Romano

For most people who work in sports journalism, working at ESPN is the dream. And for most people, once they’re there, the plan is to be there for their whole career.

Jason Romano was no different, until about two years ago he felt God pulling him away to do something more aligned with his faith. Jason now works for Sports Spectrum, a magazine and website that covers the intersection of sports and faith, and he is the host of the Sports Spectrum podcast.

He shares his story of faith in how he knew it was the right time to leave ESPN for Sports Spectrum, and he also lets us in on what it’s like to be able to talk about faith with some of our favorite people from the sports world.

He’s also the author of Live to Forgive: Moving Forward When Those We Love Hurt Us, which is a book about his relationship with and eventual story of forgiveness toward his father. He has another book coming out in July called The Uniform of Leadership: Lessons on True Success from My ESPN Life.

Since Jason and I talked for this interview, I’ve started writing some for Sports Spectrum. You can find those articles here.


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