Episode 18: Barnabas Piper

One of my favorite parts about doing this show is getting to talk to authors of books I read and enjoyed. This week I got to talk with Barnabas Piper, the author of three books, including Help My Unbelief, which is probably my favorite book I’ve read this year. The book centers on dealing with doubt, and why doubt is not the enemy of faith. In fact, doubt can lead us to ask questions that help us arrive at understanding God better and taking us to a deeper faith.

This is a topic that’s been on my heart for several years and is the basis for my own book I’m writing. I was excited to talk to Barnabas about this book and his new book coming out in October.

Barnabas is the son of prominent pastor and author John Piper, and first book, The Pastor’s Kid, talks about what life was like having one of the most influential Christian men as his father.

This past week brought a year’s worth of news with it with all that’s happened regarding the Coronavirus, but just two weeks ago Barnabas’s city of Nashville was significantly damaged by tornadoes. While it might be easy to move on to the next pressing matter, there’s still work that needs to be done to rebuild in Nashville, so we talked about some of the growing needs in Nashville.

We also talked about how Christians and churches can respond to the Coronavirus and how this can actually help give us some perspective on what our priorities are.


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