Episode 21: Art Rainer on finding more money

We’re always looking for ways to find more money, aren’t we? That’s especially true now as many Americans have either lost their full-time job or can no longer do their side job due to COVID-19. Art Rainer is the author of Find More Money and the host of The Money Challenge Podcast, and we talked about how to do just that.

Art has some great insight on how to identify what side jobs are right for you and I like what he had to say about how your side job should compliment with your full-time job, not compete against it.

He also talked about how how to steward your money with a Godly approach when you do find more of it. This is an important conversation on its own, but it’s especially important as we are in the middle of one of the most difficult financial situations in our country’s history with record unemployment numbers. If your job has been impacted by COVID-19, I sincerely hope this conversation helps you and points you in a direction to help you find ways to bring in income.

If you missed my conversation with author Daniel Im on Episode 15 about his book on how the gig economy can make us weary and exhausted if we don’t use it properly, I encourage you to listen to that because it pairs well with this one in looking at how we can use our side gigs to honor Jesus.

Since Art and I talked, the government passed the CARES Act, and Art put together a Q&A on his website that answers some frequently asked questions about it. I think you’ll find it helpful as well.

I’ll be doubling up episodes for the month of April, and every conversation is designed to address COVID-19 and our response to it in some way. I sincerely hope you’ll come back every Monday for new episodes, as well as Thursday when I’ll have athletes on to talk about how the virus has impacted their season or their career. As you know, I’m a tennis coach, and our season was canceled due to COVID-19, so I want to share some stories of athletes who have been impacted by this but maintain a Christ-centered perspective.


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