Episode 26: Pro Basketball Player Alex Stein

Alex Stein is one of the most successful basketball players in the history of the city of Evansville, Indiana. He was one of the best players on his high school team that went to the State championship his senior year, then he became the all-time leading scorer at the University of Southern Indiana, and is now working his way toward the NBA with the Canton Charge of the G-League.

But, like, every other athlete right now, his season is on hold, which means he had to stop his first season of professional basketball and return home to Evansville while we wait out the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps more impressive than his athletic achievements, though, has been his walk with God and his maturation in his faith. Alex talks about how he’s handling his sport being shutdown, finding his identity in Christ rather than basketball, how he’s matured as a man and a Christian since his high school days, and we relived his historic senior years — both in high school in college.

Alex talked about dealing with the disappointment of losing in overtime in the State championship his senior year of high school and how his ability to deal with disappointment was different in his senior year of college, when he lost in the Division II Final Four, which happened to be played in Evansville with nearly 10,000 fans in attendance.

I’ve always been impressed by Alex, but even more so after this conversation.


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