Episode 3: Jake Triplett

Jake Triplett is one of the funniest guys on the Internet. If you’ve ever watched a Trey Kennedy video and laughed, then you’ve laughed at Jake’s work.

Jake shoots, edits, writes, and sometimes stars in Trey’s hilarious videos, and he’s pretty funny himself. He’s had an eventful career as a videographer and has gotten to do a ton of really cool things, and a lot of these involved having faith and taking a risk.

Last year, he and two of his friends flew out to Maine and bought a limo to drive it across all of the lower 48 states doing acts of kindness with the ultimate goal of getting on the Ellen DeGeneres show. He talks about that and how he got connected with Trey Kennedy and what that’s done for his career.

He also talks about the struggles of being perpetually single, his obsession with Chick-fil-A, and if you’ve ever listened to his podcast Ghostrunners, we did a couple of popular bits from his show. He’s got a great outlook on life and brings a ton of humor to everything he does.

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