Episode 30: Luke Norsworthy, author of ‘Befriending Your Monsters’

It may not be Godzilla or Bigfoot or something like that, but we all deal with monsters in our own lives. Maybe it’s comparison, or chasing after success, or a misplaced identity. In his new book Befriending Your Monsters, author and pastor Luke Norsworthy addresses those lies we believe and how we can fear them in a way like we did with monsters as children. But instead of running from them, his book focuses on how to come alongside those fears and learn what they might teaching you about your spiritual walk with God.

After last week’s conversation with Scarlet Hiltibidal about her book on fear, I appreciated adding to that with this approach to fear and a look at another aspect of fear. Luke is a great speaker and I’m excited for this new book.

Luke’s book comes out on May 18, and his publisher, Baker Book House, has a great deal going on where if you pre-order his Befriending Your Monsters, you can get his first book, God Over Good, for free. Honestly, that’s too good of a deal to pass up. You can pre-order the book on Baker’s website, or anywhere you get books. Then just fill out the form on this link and they’ll send you God Over Good for free.


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