Episode 31: IndyStar columnist Gregg Doyel

What’s it like for a sports journalist during a time when there aren’t really any sports? If you’re a good storyteller and know where to find stories, it’s not so bad. That’s been the case for Indianapolis Star sports columnist Gregg Doyel, who’s arguably busier now than he’s been with live sports.

Gregg is one of the best storytellers I know. If you need proof of that, just ask the Associated Press Sports Editors, who in March recognized him as one of the country’s top sports columnists. He was also the inaugural winner for the Indiana Sports Corp’s Inspiring Sports Storyteller Award in September.

With no sports, Gregg has been telling historical stories from across Indiana and highlighting senior high school athletes whose seasons were cut short or didn’t happen due to COVID-19. You can check out Gregg’s columns here, as well as the series on this podcast about athletes and COVID-19:

In this conversation, we talked about the effect the Coronavirus has already had on sports and society and what large sporting events might look like in the future because of this. He also gives his prediction on whether or not football will happen this Fall, and Gregg and I officially bury a 10-year-old hatchet. (Spoiler alert — we both used to be self-important, pompous jerks at times on social media, and that was how we met. It wasn’t the most pleasant of introductions, but it’s blossomed into a good friendship and mutual respect).

If you enjoy sports, and especially if you enjoy good writing and good storytelling, you’ll enjoy this episode.


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