Episode 34: Evangelist Matt Brown

This conversation pairs well with last week’s with pastor Scott Sauls as we pick up where we left off talking about how Christians can respond on the Internet in the growing age of vitriolic public discourse.

Matt Brown is an evangelist and the author of Truth Plus Love: The Jesus Way to Influence, where he discusses how Christians can respond with love when it might be tempting to get sucked into a contentious political, religious, or societal battle online. We can influence people more by our love and kindness than our shouting and anger.

Matt and his family live in Minneapolis, so he had a front-row view to the events surrounding the murder of George Floyd. He gives his perspective on being at the epicenter of the current racial unrest and visiting the site of George Floyd’s death.

He’s the founder of a ministry called Think Eternity and also hosts the “Think Eternity Podcast.”

This is a necessary conversation as we head into an election season.


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