Episode 41: Rashawn Copeland

No matter where you are in life, God can and will meet you there.

That’s one of the most beautiful things about the gospel, and it’s the premise of my friend Rashawn Copeland’s new book, “Start Where You Are.” Rashawn was living a life of self-gratification, chasing after fame on the shoulders of a football career and eventually lived the Hollywood lifestyle in Los Angeles for a while.

In this conversation he shares how his messy life led him down some scary paths — including one where he was shot and nearly killed to later when he nearly shot and killed himself — to eventually being saved by Jesus. God met Rashawn where was, and he can do the same for you.

Whether you’re depressed, anxious, prideful, struggling with addiction, or feeling regret over past choices, God can meet you there. In fact, God does his best work with nothing. We don’t need to be perfect in order to come to Jesus and receive grace. I love what Rashawn says in this conversation:

“Jesus didn’t die for the version of us that we pretend to be, but who we actually are,” he said. “He didn’t come for the healthy, but those who are sick and need a doctor.”

This conversation will bless you.

Listen to conversation here.


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