Episode 5: Manda Carpenter

Christmas is next week! That means we are right in the middle of the Christmas “hustle,” and I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of this season leaving so many people feeling wiped out and stressed. It’s the complete opposite of what we should be feeling this time of the year, yet we’re all running around like crazy to get shopping done or finish deadlines at work, or attending a bunch of Christmas parties. There’s just this crazy “hustle” mindset that seems to set in this time of the year and we start freaking out a little bit. What we need is some space and to just slow down.

Well friends, that is the topic of this week’s show. My guest this week is Manda Carpenter, author of the “Space” devotional. She has so much insight on this topic, so we talked a ton about slowing down this time of the year to create space in our lives and maintain balance — physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, all of it. We also talked about her new book coming out in 2021, and if you’re an aspiring author, we dove into the book writing process and she gives some really great tips on how to go about that. Manda has been a huge help to me as I’ve been writing my own book, so if you’re interested at all in writing a book, this conversation is definitely for you.

I’m excited for you all to hear this conversation because I think it’s so important to hear right now. If you know someone who thinks they’re too busy to listen to this right now, they’re probably the person who needs to hear this conversation, so be sure to tell them to listen as well.


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