Episode 53: Discipling Young Adults with WKU FCA Director Wayne Dickens

What are the most pressing issues facing young adults right now? How can the Church respond to meet those needs, and what should we be teaching young adults to help fix it?

How can we promote and achieve unity in the Church and in our nation?

I spoke with Wayne Dickens about all of that and much more this week. Wayne is the Campus Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Western Kentucky University and I’m so excited to introduce him to you this week. I’d never met Wayne until he preached a sermon at my church a few weeks ago on unity, and it struck me as a conversation we needed to have on this podcast.

As a teacher and someone who seeks to reach young adults, I also appreciated his perspective on what issues young adults struggle with the most and how we can approach those through the lens of the gospel.

He said the biggest issue facing young adults right now is relationships. Cell phones and social media have made it easier to isolate ourselves and do our relationships through a screen. Because we’ve grown so isolated with our relationships — especially this year — it’s affected our relationship with God, he said.

Wayne is a former college and professional football player and I think you’ll really enjoy hearing him talk about his faith journey, his career change into ministry and his heart for people.

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