Episode 6: Emily Claybourn

Two years ago my wife and I became husband and wife. Today, she joins me on my podcast for us to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and share some of our favorite memories over the first couple years of our marriage! I’m so excited about this episode! Not only was it a lot of fun to share about our marriage, but my wife is a practicing marriage counselor, so we talked about some real-life stuff that can help young couples avoid typical stumbling blocks in marriage and build a marriage that lasts.

I’m a firm believer that marriage is not hard. Life is hardYou’ll hear us talk about that in this episode because we’re so tired of couples — especially young couples — being told that before marriage or even on their wedding day. Life itself is hard. Marriage brings along a partner for you to face life’s trials with. Our hope is that this conversation encourages you whether you’re married, engaged, dating, or just hope to get married down the road.

Interviewing your spouse is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but we had a lot of fun! Be sure to check out Emily’s info below and let her know you enjoyed hearing her on the show this week!