Episode 9: Stephen Copeland

Whether this is your first time tuning in or you’re a regular listener, I’m so grateful you are here this week because this conversation is one of the best we’ve had. My guest this week is Stephen Copeland — an author, writer, storyteller, a good friend, and truly one of the smartest people I’ve gotten to talk to for this podcast.

Stephen is the author of “Where the Colors Blend,” and he’s co-authored numerous books with some really big people, but what I think you’re going to see is that he’s also just an incredibly knowledgable person, particularly as it pertains to spirituality and theology. This is one of the deepest and most theological conversations I’ve gotten to have on this podcast, and this feels really weird to say, but I really, really want to encourage you to stick around for the whole conversation because I know I certainly learned a lot from Stephen and I think you will too.

Pretty much every topic I hoped this podcast would cover, we did it in this episode. Stephen and I were connected through a mutual friend last summer, and we’ve realized that our stories are very similar. We talked about some of the most heavy things we deal with daily — doubt, comparison, anxiety, death — and how our faith guides us in those seasons. We talked about how to allow those seasons to motivate us creatively and use our God-given creative abilities to share our stories. Whether you’re a writer and are planning to write a book, or you just find yourself struggling to deal with some of these things, I truly hope this conversation is encouraging to you. I’m so grateful for this conversation and I’ve been so excited to share this with everyone. I hope you find this as valuable and encouraging as I did.


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