Episode 66: Seeking God First In the Highs & Lows of Marriage with Doug and Christi Claybourn

This week Emily and I got to sit down (over Zoom) with my parents Doug and Christi Claybourn and talk about marriage. I’ve had many conversations with my parents individually and together over the years when dating about relationships and marriage, but this is the first time I’ve gotten to do that alongside my spouse.

I hit on this in last week’s email newsletter, but so much of what I know and believe to be true about love and marriage I learned either from what my parents taught me or how they modeled it.

Their marriage is far from perfect, just like all of ours, and I so appreciate the vulnerability we all went to in this conversation — talking about some of the early years of their marriage that were particularly difficult due to my dad’s divorce with my biological mother and the events that followed that.

We talk about that and so much more in the conversation, but we also talked about how they’ve sustained their marriage through the highs and lows they’ve faced over their 20+ years of marriage, starting first by seeking God first in their own lives and in their marriage.

This is truly one of the highlights for me on this show, and I hope you enjoy hearing from them on their perspective on marriage.

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Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this conversation after you listen!