Episode 51: Unlocking Your Full Potential with Thane Marcus Ringler

If you’re a thinking person, you’ll definitely enjoy this conversation.

Thane Marcus Ringler is a former professional golfer who now is a writer, podcaster, thinker, and thought leader. His latest book, Catalysts for Hope: Unlocking Energy, Optimism, and Your Full Potential, just released last month and is available on his website for free. He’s also just about ready to launch two online courses: Take Ownership | Growing Self-Awareness and Never Settle | Developing Discipline. Those are available at his website: https://thanemarcus.thinkific.com/

Thane has applied a lot of the lessons he’s learned through golf into his regular life, and I really appreciate his perspective. Golf is such a mental game, and Thane has found a correlation between some of the concepts of golf and his spiritual walk. A lot of the ideas we talk about are hindrances that routinely keep people from achieving whatever it is that they want to achieve.

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