Episode 17: Know Wonder

I’m excited to introduce you all to an up-and-coming husband and wife Christian music duo this week called Know Wonder! Jo and Crystal Taeleifi live in Racho Cucamonga, California and have burst on the music scene with a couple singles — “Conquered” and “Dear Anybody.”

Let me tell you, these songs are jams, and I absolutely loved getting a chance to talk to these guys. I’m already ready to fly out to California with Emily and visit them just so we can make a Target run and hang out with them. In all seriousness, I know this conversation is long, but it’s so worth it. We got to talk about their music career, how they started this band, and what their mission is with it beyond the music.

They’re just two down-to-earth people using their talents to serve the Lord, and I love that. Make sure you check out the links below so can find their music and stream it on your preferred platform.


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