Episode 16: Robin Dance

Have you ever felt like you’re just wandering through life? What about in your walk with Jesus? Have you ever felt like a wanderer? I definitely have, and chances are you have, too.

My guest this week is Robin Dance, author of the new book, For All Who Wander: Why Knowing God is Better Than Knowing It All. I loved her book, mainly because it’s so similar to the one I’m writing and Robin and I share very similar stories. But I know her story, and this conversation, will resonate with you.

If you’ve ever struggled with asking God the hard questions, of not understanding everything that happens in life or wondering why it happens, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the majority.

The best part is that asking those questions can, and often does, lead you to a much stronger understanding of who God is. I can’t wait for you hear this conversation.


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