Episode 15: Daniel Im

We’ve talked a lot about identity on this podcast and, more specifically, our identity in Christ. This week we’ll get to hear from author Daniel Im about his new book, You Are What You Do (And Six Other Lies About Work, Life, & Love).

Daniel is a pastor at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta and has written a couple other books — No Silver Bullets and Planting Missional Churches. His new book addresses seven lies that we are told and what causes them to be so prevalent:

  • You are what you do
  • You are what you experience
  • You are who you know
  • You are what you know
  • You are what you own
  • You are who you raise
  • You are your past

I loved this book and I’m so thankful Daniel is here to share some thoughts about it and why this book is necessary right now. If you’ve ever found yourself placing your identity in any of those seven lies, I cannot recommend this book enough.


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